Nationally Ranked No. 1 For Milk, Protein Production

We were very excited to be awarded the top Guernsey herd in the nation for milk and protein at the 2015 National Guernsey Convention in Ohio. The following posting is from the American Guernsey Association’s website.

High TPE Lactation Average for Milk and Protein:

Gurn Z Meadow Farm: 20 Records, 21,671M 4.9% 1,057F 3.3% 722P

OrchardsHeadlock Lineup

The high TPE Lactation Average for Milk and Protein is awarded to Gurn-Z Meadow Farm of Columbus, Wisconsin.  Julie, Kristi and Jennifer Orchard maintain the milking herd in Columbus, WI together with the Bacon’s Rolling Acres Holstein herd belonging to Julie’s husband, Ed Bacon.  The girl’s father, Bill Orchard is still very active on the farm as well.  The cows are milked at a Lely robotic dairy facility and fed a partially mixed ration. Pellets are also automatically fed during milking. Dry cows and springing heifers are fed a TMR. The robot milker allows fresh and high-producing cows to be milked up to six times a day, which gradually declines with each cow’s production. The herd is divided into two groups of 60 cows, each with its own robot milker. The Gurn Z Meadow Guernseys are all together in one of the groups with some of the Holsteins mixed in.  The average cow at Gurn Z Meadow is milked 2.8 times a day. The robot milker maintains statistical data that the Orchards use to help improve their production. The herd is housed in a freestall barn bedded with sand.

GZMNationally Ranked No. 1 For Milk, Protein Production

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