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We love the challenge of breeding a better Guernsey cow. Our goal is to breed Guernseys that have plenty of strength, along with dairyness, and a great will to milk.

Every cow is individually mated. Sires are selected based on cow families. We use sires that are supported by a strong maternal line with excellent type, along with high components. Sires currently being used include Cordell, Copper, Toro, Novak, Lightening, Pistol, Sputnik and Cimeron.

Our herd’s August 2015 rolling herd average was 25,974M, 1,214F and 851P on a 3X schedule. Our goal is to have heifers calve by 24 months of age.

The following cows are from our most prominent cow families and are helping us keep our rolling herd average at the top of the breed:

Gurn-Z Meadow Geo Ava-83
2-11 3x 305d 26,628M 4.8% 1,014F 2.9% 795P proj.

Gurn-Z Meadow Geo Haven Halo VG-83
2-01 365D 3X 25,442M 4.9% 1,256F 3.5% 885P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Royal Moonstruck EX-90
3-04 340D 3X 37,134M 4.6% 1,699F 3.3% 1,219P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Tropic Moonshadow
2-01 305D 3X 23,724M 4.1% 1,033F 3.0% 661P proj.

Gurn-Z Meadow Natural Moonrock VG-88
4-04 305D 3X 27,182M 4.3% 1,190F 3.3% 917P proj.

Gurn-Z Meadow Portrait Painter VG-84 (Silverado)
5-10 3x 305d 30,866M 4.7% 1,470F 3.1% 943P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Glacier Pollo VG-85
4-07 3x 304d 30,623M 4.8% 1,461F 3.5% 1,061P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Yogibear Payton VG-86
2-01 3x 365d 25,329M 5.0% 1,267F 3.4% 860P act.

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