Our barn is filling up quickly and we have several Guernsey cows for sale. Please contact us at (262)490-3506 or gurnzmeadow@gmail.com if you would like more information.

Prema-Side-Udder IMG_1957

Cow # 1 – Gurn-Z Meadow Charlie Prema
Birthdate: 3/31/13
Fresh: 5/21/15 Confirmed pregnant to Abiqua Acres Geo Sputnik and due 5/8/16
Production record:
2-01 3x 305D 17,392M 658F 559P projected
Current Test: 60 pounds and Somatic Cell Count: 43,000

Sire: Gurn-Z Meadow Tiller Charlie-ET 68005491

Dam: Gurn-Z Meadow Glacier Pollo VG-85 @ 5-01 (83/90)
Two-Time National Component Queen
All-Time Class Leader for Yearling in Milk
1-10 2x 370D 29,035M 3.9% 1,177F 3.3% 1,015P actual
3-00 2x 365D 25,897M 5.5% 1,661F 3.6% 1,104P actual
4-07 3x 305D 25,190M 5.2% 1,508F 3.4% 1,070P projected

Next Dam: Gurn-Z Meadow Legend Portrait VG-85@ 4-06 (85/84)
2-03 305D 2X 23,000M 3.9% 904F 2.8% 655P actual
3-05 325D 2X 24,290M 3.8% 920F 3.3% 807P actual
4-04 305D 2X 25,560M 3.5% 896F 3.2% 814P actual

Maternal Sister: Gurn-Z Meadow Yogibear Payton VG-86 @ 2-06 (88/83)
2-01 305D 3X 21,650M 4.9% 1,065F 3.3% 722P actual


Cow # 2 – Gurn-Z Meadow RG Glora Laurel-ET EX-90
Birthdate: 9/8/2009
Fresh: 11/16/14
Confirmed Pregnant and Due: 12/1/15 to Rozelyn Goliath Jonathon
Confirmed A2A2

Production records:
2-00 2x 364D 19,861M 4.6% 914F 3.4% 693P act.
3-01 2x 337D 21,336M 4.5% 980F 3.4% 741P act.
4-02 3x 317D 21,544M 4.6% 1,015F 3.7% 800P act.
5-02 3x 305D 23,335M 4.4% 1,024F 3.7% 867 proj.

Current Production: 50 pounds and Somatic Cell Count: 61,000.

Sire: Big Spring Roger

Dam: Gurn-Z Meadow Glora Laura VG-88
2-00 2x 365D 26,266M 836F 785P act.
3-01 2x 365D 27,024M 823F 876P act.


Cow # 3 – Gurn-Z Meadow AP Adore

Birthdate: 1/31/2013
Fresh: 5/9/15
Confirmed Pregnant and Due: 5/7/16 to Spring Walk Sherberts Toro

Production records:

2-03 3x 305D 18114M 764F 636P proj.
Current Production: 66 pounds and Somatic Cell Count: 40,000.

Sire:  Indian Acres American Pie 68016348

Dam: Gurn-Z Meadow Response Adelyn VG-85
1-10  2x  365D  26,897M  895F  742P act.
3-03  2x  295D  28,354M  965F  756P act.

Next dam:
Gurn-Z Meadow Adirondack Ali VG-88 (Poker)
3-05 2x 365D 22,442M 4.4% 986F 2.9% 641P act.

Fourth dam:
Gurn-Z Meadow Alps Adirondack VG-88 (Vilter)
5-06 2x 360D 31,135M 1,045F 909P act.

Fifth dam:
Gurn-Z Meadow Arris Alpine VG-84 (Mr. Luck)
3-00 2x 365D 36,990M 4.1% 1,515F 3.2% 1,186P act.

Notes about our herd:

Cows are fed a TMR ration and housed in a three-row freestall barn.  No BST (rBGH) is used. Herd has been closed for 18 years. Cows are vaccinated with Pyramid 10, Spirovac, Guardian, SRP, Alpha 7 and J-Vac. We also vaccinate for Johne’s, Bangs and all animals are given a magnet at six months of age.

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