Gurn-Z Meadow L Heavenly Haven EX-91

All-American Sr. 2 Year Old 2009

Gurn-Z Meadow Geo Haven Halo VG-83

2-01 365D 3X 25,442M 4.9% 1,256F 3.5% 885P act.


Gurn-Z Meadow Achieve Adalia

Nominated All-American Fall Yearling in Milk 2014

The Angelia’s are the hardest working milk cows on Gurn-Z Meadow bar none. “Alpine,” put this family on the map when she was named a “World Class Leader” in 2006 for her three-year-old record. Haven, shown above, won the Sr. 2 year old class at World Dairy Expo in 2009. Her Geo daughter “Halo,” also pictured above, is following in mama’s footsteps. She will be in our show string at World Dairy Expo and is milking over 90 pounds per day just a month fresh.

The Matriach:

Gurn-Z Meadow Arris Alpine VG-84 (Mr. Luck)
3-00 2x 365d 36,990M 4.1% 1,515F 3.2% 1,186P act.

Family Members Include:

Gurn-Z Meadow Alps Adirondack VG-88 (Vilter)
5-06 2x 360d 31,135M 1,045F 909P act.
Daughter of Alpine

Gurn-Z Meadow Adirondack Ali-Twin VG-88 (Poker)
3-05 365d 22,442M 4.4% 986F 2.9% 641P act.
Daughter of Adirondack

Gurn-Z Meadow Adirondack Austi-Twin EX-90 (Poker)
2-01 339d 19,658M 4.9% 961F 3.5% 689P act.
Daughter of Adirondack

Gurn-Z Meadow Geo Ava-83
2-11 3x 305d 26,628M 4.8% 1,014F 2.9% 795P proj.

Gurn-Z Meadow Believe N Angels EX-90 (Billy Jo)
6-07 2x 305d 26,070 5.2% 1,207F 3.2% 858P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Angels R Above VG-87 (Regis)
3-04 2x 365d 29,769M 1,299F 933P act.
Daughter of Believe N Angels

Gurn-Z Meadow Angels Heavenly VG-87 (Deemand)
4-09 2x 305d 22,425 800F 700P proj.
Daughter of Believe N Angels

Gurn-Z Meadow L Heavenly Haven VG-89 (Leader)
2-04 2x 305d 23,583M 872F 649P proj.
Daughter of Heavenly

GZMAngelia Family

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