Gurn-Z Meadow Poetry Polar VG-88

2-01 3x 297d 20,226M 5.1% 1,044F 3.2% 655P act. 


Gurn-Z Meadow Aaron Poetry

Reserve All-American Winter Calf 2013

The “P” family is consistently stamping out high-producing, high-scoring cows. Polar, pictured above, scored VG-88 as a senior 2 year old. She has an exciting Challenge daughter that looks to follow this pattern.

Family Members Include:

Gurn-Z Meadow Portrait Painter VG-84 (Silverado)
5-10 3x 305d 30,866M 4.7% 1,470F 3.1% 943P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Glacier Pollo VG-85
4-07 3x 304d 30,623M 4.8% 1,461F 3.5% 1,061P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Yogibear Payton VG-86
2-01 3x 365d 25,329M 5.0% 1,267F 3.4% 860P act.
Daughter of Pollo

Gurn-Z Meadow Prisms Porcelain EX-90 (Lewis)
6-05 2x 308d 29,116M 908F 873P proj. act.
Third-generation excellent

Gurn-Z Meadow Phedora EX-90 (Hunter)
4-08 2x 365d 25,552M  4.7% 1,209F 3.4% 869P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Prayers Prism EX-92 (Loral)
4-08 2x 365d 25,552M  4.7% 1,209F 3.4% 869P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow PK Prayer EX-91 (Protein King)
4-10 2x 361d 24,596M 4.9% 1,269F 3.5% 850P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Porcelain Portrait VG-85 (Legend)
2-03 2x 303d 22,893M 899F 651P act.

Gurn-Z Meadow Rewards Platinum (Reward)
2-02 2x 305d 21,007M  4.3% 921F 3.1% 653P act.

GZMPrayer Family

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